Akademi CPD and its Associated Companies, specialising in Experiential Based Learning (EBL) in Construction and the Built Environment, are committed to provide aspiring Professionals & Practitioners the avenue for Construction Continuing Competency & Professional (CCPD) Development.

Regular CCPD Trainings, Talks, Lectures, Case Studies, DIY (Do-it-yourself) Workshops, Teach-in Seminars and Structured Programmes are organised and with the aim to Enhance Human Capital & Capacity Development for Construction & the Built Environment. These Programmes are oftenconducted in collaboration with theGovernment Agencies, Professional Institutions, Institutions of Higher Learning, and the Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Associations.

It is a structured approach to Training & Assessment that is directed towards achieving a “Specific Learning Outcome”. It assists individuals to acquire Skills and Knowledge to perform a job to a specific Competency Standard in the “World of Works”.

The outcome (Competency Skill Standards) to be achieved is clearly stated so that learners know exactly what they have to acquire or achieve; while Trainers or Facilitators are fully aware of the training to be provided, and organisations know the level of competencies required to perform in the “World of Works”. The emphasis of EBL or EBT(Experiential Based Training) is on “Performance” rather than just “Knowledge”.

In 1999, CPD initiated and pioneered the EBL approach by transforming its existing Fifty-two (52) CCPD Training Modules into its current modular CCPD framework. Through Continuous Improvement, more CCPD Learning Modules were expanded and developed over time. The process has never stopped!

CCPD Learning Modules are conducted in the form of Lectures, Tutorials, Case Studies & Analysis, or Hands-On DIY Workshops and Group Discussions With Presentations. Active participation in discussion is envisaged, including citing of actual cases and prevailing industry practices.

These Sessions & Workshops are led & facilitated by Qualified Professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in their specific area of expertise. These Facilitators & Speakers are specially selected for their authority in the subject matter to ensure effective practical Knowledge Dissemination.Sessions & Workshops are often found interesting & enriching when Facilitators & Speakers share their practical experience during the session.